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SEET- the Society for Education and Environmental Training - A Skill Training and Assessment agency is committed for reliable valid and compatible training and assessments. It has adopted a combined approach where Summative assessment and formative coursework is also taken into consideration which is felt to be a more accurate and fair way of demonstrating candidate abilities. Skills training and skill assessment in India is a rapidly evolving sector. India is expected to be home to a skilled workforce of 500 million by 2022. About 12 million persons are expected to join the workforce every year. The good news is that India has one of the youngest populations in the world, a trend that is expected to continue until 2040. This presents the country with a unique opportunity to complement what an ageing world needs the most and that is a large pool of productive workers. Assessment can verify that individuals have the skills needed to perform a particular job and that the learning programme undertaken has delivered education at a given standard. It enables individuals to be benchmarked against their peers. It also has more intrinsic value in creating opportunities to motivate students and to give feedback. Assessment is closely linked to certification, as individuals often have the opportunity to gain a recognized certificate if they pass an assessment; certificates can provide a platform from which to progress to other areas of learning, to get a job or to progress within their existing careers. With the current emphasis on skills development in India, increased focus on methods of assessment is inevitable. The scale and diversity of the Indian education system provides significant challenges in terms of training assessors and ensuring both the quality and the comparability of assessments.

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