about us

SEET- the Society for Education and Environmental Training –A Skill Assessment agency is committed for reliable valid and compatible assessments. It has adopted a combined approach where Summative assessment and formative coursework is also taken into consideration which is felt to be a more accurate and fair way of demonstrating candidate abilities. However, the inclusion of formative assessments in the overall assessment model would require additional quality assurance measures such as the introduction of standardized assessment tools and assessment guidelines for training providers as part of an enhanced registration/affiliation system.

who we are

SEET- was founded by a bunch of young enthusiasts led by Dr. SARVADANAND ARYA - a renowned educationist, bio-chemist and environmental scientist. Dr. Arya got the distinction of serving as Vice chancellor in MDU, Kurukshetra and Haryana Agriculture University in Haryana. He is also consultant of World Bank on livelihood and rural development. SEET at Rourkela, Orissa has provided sustainable livelihood skills training to almost 35000 Tribal and Non-tribal

what we do

SEET- The Assessment Agency is a venture of industry experts with the domain expertise in community development and the phenomenon of inclusive growth. The primary goal behind forming this organization was to ensure inclusive growth of communities right down to the grass roots by blending innovative ideas with technological interventions. We are committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for grass root level organizations, marginalized and disadvantaged populations, women and minorities. In order to achieve our goal we believe in the development of an effective competency-based assessment system relies on seven elements: validity, reliability, transparency, flexibility, practicality and an evidence base.


To develop skill assessors in all skill sectors down to district levels and help the Indian government and related bodies to achieve the objective of skilling workforce.

OUR vision

We pledge to provide distinctive quality and skills for livelihood generation.

OUR values

  • Credible assessment with quality
  • Motivated and Honest assessors
  • Certification for deserving candidates
  • Working with transparency

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